How does ITI define social entrepreneurship?
ITI defines social entrepreneurship as the development, funding, and implementation of innovative solutions to social, cultural, and environmental problems.  While some projects may result in revenue-generating products, we view social entrepreneurship as prioritizing social advancements over financial gains.

How well-developed does my project need to be in order to apply for an Idea Starter award?
For Idea Starter Awards, projects may be in their infancy stage.  The key requirement is
an idea that has potential to make an impact beyond traditional academic work.

Is it possible to receive both an Idea Starter Award and, later, an Idea Development Award to implement a project?
Yes, this is possible.

Are there annual deadlines for submitting applications?
No, applications will be accepted on a rolling basis.

Will interdisciplinary projects (across SOE departments) receive special consideration?

Are in-kind contributions from the participating department(s) encouraged?
This is welcomed but not required.