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The Impact Through Innovation initiative serves the UNCG School of Education’s core purpose of changing lives through advancing access to life’s opportunities. We seek to make SOE faculty and students change agents by promoting inventive solutions to the practical challenges faced by educational institutions, the individuals they serve, and the organizations with which they partner. Impact Through Innovation works to inspire faculty in the creation of work that is truly transformative in individuals’ education and for the betterment of society.

The SOE’s Impact Through Innovation initiative aims to put ideas into action, working at the intersection of education, innovation, and entrepreneurship. We leverage ideas that emerge within the SOE and provide support in conducting and connecting research, innovation, teaching, and practice to address our most pressing social needs.

Impact Through Innovation serves the School’s mission of teaching and the creation of knowledge, while expanding that mission to include the conversion of knowledge into tangible programs, services, and products that improve lives. Impact Through Innovation re-envisions the role of the modern School of Education, away from an institution that simply trains teachers and toward an institution that seeks to solve practical challenges through educational innovation and social entrepreneurship.

This goal is addressed through movement along three dimensions:


  • A range of educational and training programs designed to give SOE faculty, students, and alumni the practical and theoretical knowledge required to recognize the opportunities afforded by ideas and to act on those opportunities.


  • Research aimed at understanding the ingredients that lead to impactful innovation at the individual, institutional and ecosystem levels.
  • The creation of a culture of shared knowledge constantly informing programming and resource allocation.


  • Provisions for the SOE community to turn their ideas into action, connecting innovation with the expertise it needs to grow.
  • In accordance with the SOE’s strategic plan, facilitation of engagement with key communities and partners to support transformational learning, connect research to practice, promote equity and diversity, and translate innovative ideas into meaningful impact outside the university.