The Genesis
of Impact


Providing educational and training programs for School of Education faculty, students and alumni that address practical and theoretical knowledge required to bring about innovative ideas and recognize and act on opportunities.


Research focused on recognizing and understanding the ingredients that lead to innovation, producing positive impacts for individuals, institutions and communities, within a culture of shared knowledge that shapes programming and resource allocation.


Moving from ideas to actions, the School of Education community connects innovation with the expertise and resources it needs to grow. This includes engagement with key communities and partners, equity, diversity and creating meaningful impact outside of UNC Greensboro.

Innovative Projects in
the School of Education

Taking the Technology to Educators

Taking a Leap into Innovation: The Launch of the Clinical Supervision Research Collaborative

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Dancing the Two-Step to Impactful Innovation: ITI Kickbox and Greensboro I-Corps

ITI Kickbox: How Innovative Thinking Helps Libraries and Empowers Communities

“Let’s Move in Libraries” and Let’s Build Community

Office of Assessment, Evaluation, and Research Services

Taking Creative Risks With Gate City Writes

STEM Innovation Becoming a Reality in Elementary Classrooms

Inaugural Blog Post

What will your IMPACT be?